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Welcome to The Retreat at Benedict Canyon

The Retreat is a uniquely designed eco-friendly sanctuary for those seeking a new home in Benedict Canyon or an intimate and secluded stay in a small boutique hotel. Nestled in the canyon, the project is designed to respect the integrity of the canyon with substantial space throughout the 33-acre site. It will be environmentally sensitive, conforming to the canyon topography and preserving existing views.  It includes significant improvements to local infrastructure, access and public safety, all enhancements that will benefit the canyon community.

The new homes and the boutique hotel will be sustainable constructed and operated, and designed to reflect the natural setting of the canyon. A substantial portion of the site will remain open green space and the vast majority of mature trees on the property will be preserved to ensure that conservation and sustainability are maintained in the future.

“I am extremely excited to finally share my plans for The Retreat at Benedict Canyon with the community. This boutique hotel and residences will provide a new and unique luxury experience in Los Angeles while generating millions of dollars annually for the City of Los Angeles and create new local jobs. The most exciting thing about the project is its environmental sensitivity, which will preserve approximately 80% of the site as open space and allow the boutique hotel and residences to seamlessly conform to the canyon’s topography and work within the confines of its natural environment.” – Gary Safady

Project Facts

  • Approximately 33 acre site.
  • Nearly 80% of the site will remain open space (18% streets and hardscape and 62% open green space)
  • Buildings will occupy only approximately 20% of the site
  • The Retreat: A Boutique Ultra-Luxury Hotel
    • Guest Rooms thoughtfully dispersed throughout the site in a series of delicately integrated bungalows
    • Nearly 1,000 more trees will be added to the existing plush landscape
  • Nine Single Family Estate Residences
    • Located on lots between one and three acres in size.
  • Designed to conform to the canyon topography and integrate into the canyon with little visual and noise impacts for the surrounding community.
  • It is anticipated that the project will be a nearly balanced site, with no potential impacts related to the export of earth materials, including truck trips, noise, and air quality.
  • Emergency access for the surrounding area would be significantly improved by construction of the proposed project, creating additional through-routes and access points desired by the Fire Department to benefit the entire neighborhood.
  • The project is an ecologically sensitive unified design using natural elements
    • The project is designed by Saota, an internationally-recognized firm that has won numerous design and architectural awards. Saota is dedicated to energy-efficient vernacular architectural design and sustainable design principles, and the use of natural elements for construction.
    • Harrison Design, an award-winning Los Angeles firm will be the local architect on the project, implementing the vision of building into the natural landscape, respecting the topography and existing view-sheds, and preserving the vast majority of the protected trees on-site.
  • It is estimated that The Retreat at Benedict Canyon will generate over $120M in new revenue for the City of Los Angeles in the first 10 years – revenue that must stay with the City and cannot be taken by the state, a total Economic Impact of over $1.5B to the city and state.
  • Will create new good-paying jobs.
  • The proposed project will incorporate energy-efficiency measures and sustainable features such as using recycled materials, and be designed to achieve LEED Certified status.
  • Wildlife corridors shall be maintained.
  • The project is proposed by investor Gary Safady, who has owned the property since 2008.

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